Endo Lithotriptor

Used for Purpose Of C.B.D. Stone Retrieval through the Scope. And for Lithotripsy to Crush Stones in Biliary Duct.
Technical Information
  • Working length- 210 cm.
  • Compatible with instrument
  • Channel- 4.2 mm.
  • Basket shape-Hexagonal
  • Flush port for contrast.
  • Atraumatic bullet type basket tip for ease
  • of insertion and procedure.

Ordering Information-Mention product code x quantity required

Reference Product Name Sheath∅ Basket∅ Working Length
SEL-SHEATH Endolithotriptor Flexible Sheath With Basket Filament & Assembly 3.7 mm. 35 mm. 210 cm
SEL - B - 35 Endolithotriptor Basket Only   35 mm. 210 cm
SEL - B - 40 Endolithotriptor Basket Only   40 mm. 210 cm
SEL - H Endolithotriptor Basket Only      
SLITH-HRB-35 Endolithotriptor Basket with PTFE tube   35 mm. 210 cm
SLITH-HRB-40 Endolithotriptor Basket with PTFE tube   40 mm. 210 cm
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