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MAK Enterprises is a leading exporter of Diagnostic and Theraputic Endoscopic Devices.

Some of them are Sphincterotome, Papilotome, Biliary Stents, Wire Guide for ERCP, Biliary Dilator, Stone Extraction Balloon, ERCP Canula, Biliary Stent Pusher, Manual Lithotripter, Endolithotriptor...Read more

About Endoscopy

upper endoscopy

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure that is used to

assess the interior surfaces of an organ by inserting a tube into the body.

The instrument may have a rigid or flexible tube and not only provide an image

for visual inspection and photography, but also enable taking biopsies and

retrieval of foreign objects.

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Recent Updates

[01/04/2009] Broncoscopy products now availaible.

[01/01/2010] Arab Health Dubai Exibit

Exibit in Medica (09 Dusseldorf Germany)


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