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About MAK Endoscopy/Enterprises

officeMAK ENDOSCOPY/ENTERPRISES is India's leading exporter of Diagnostic and Theraputic Endoscopic Devices like Sphincterotome, Papilotome, Biliary Stents, Wire Guide for ERCP, Biliary Dilator, Stone Extraction Balloon, Retrival Basket, Shark Tooth Forcep, Self Expandable Biliary Metal Stent, ERCP Canula, Biliary Stent Pusher, Manual Lithotripter, Endolithotriptor, NBDC, Cleaning Brush, Gastric Products like Varices Band Ligator, Band Barrel, Retrival Basket, Foreign Body Holding Forceps, Aligator forceps, Monofilament Memory Baskets to remove Foreign Body from Gastrointestinal Track, Polypectomy Snare, Special Purpose, Injector Needle - Sclerotherapy

officeNeedle, Flexible Spring Tip Guide Wire, Esophageal Dilator, Self Expandable Esophageal Metal Stent, NJFT, Biopsy Forceps, Endoscope Hangers, Accessories Hanger etc from Mumbai, India. MAK ENDOSCOPY/ENTERPRISES is dedicated to export various Endoscopic Instruments and Accessories manufactured by Shaili Endoscopy. The company was incorporated and began it's operation in a modest manner at Mumbai. Today the company has grown in terms of marketing operations to a great extent. The progress can be attributed to the able and efficient management, administrative and marketing force, which by their dynamism and hard work have propelled

officethe company to the path of glory. MAK ENDOSCOPY/ENTERPRISES has a past of providing high quality accessories for flexible endoscopes of all specialties manufactured by Shaili Endoscopy. Our goal is to serve human being by providing quality products at very competitive rates. The Company strategy is not to compete with any other company. We compete with our selves to offer better quality and user-friendly instruments, which are cost effective. The prescription for prosperity has been effective strategies, understanding of customers’ requirements and above all to provide excellent quality and best services.

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[01/04/2009] Broncoscopy products now availaible.

[01/01/2010] Arab Health Dubai Exibit

Exibit in Medica (09 Dusseldorf Germany)


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